The Clifton Suspension Bridge may have looked peaceful to most, but as of recently, it was the sight of a group suicide. However, those who knew the three girls think otherwise. Were the deaths really suicides? Or were they murders? Desparate to find out, they create a secret investigating group, and will stop at nothing to find out the truth.
was it a suicide?
or a murder?


AGE: 21

Secret Investigator

FC: Daniel Sharman


Personality Traits:

Adaptable - Marlon has perfected the skill of adaptation, which was evident when his parents died in a plane crash. He managed to take care of himself, while trying to get his sister under control with his aunt’s help.

Charming - With his good looks, Marlon tends to be very charming. He talks smoothly and is able to make a girl fall in love with him. Of course, whenever he gets a girlfriend, it was a gift and a curse.

Determined - Marlon’s determination often walks hand in hand with stubbornness and persistence. When he has his mind set on something, he won’t stop until he gets what he wants. A reason why he and his sister butt heads often.

Sarcastic, witty - Marlon tends to be sarcastic, especially with those who know him very well. He can’t help it, as it comes naturally. However, most people learn to look over it and love him regardless of his remarks.

Connection to the Deceased:

Unfortunately for Marlon, he knew one of the dead bodies found. Marianne Davis was her name, and she was his sister. His sister whom he loved dearly, despite arguing with her for days due to her new behavior.

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Marlon grew up in a loving household. He and his sister, Marianne, were the apple of their parents’ eyes. Growing up, the two were showered with nothing but attention and love. Needless to say, the Davis siblings grew up happy. They grew up extremely close as siblings, but when their parents died, the two found different coping methods, thus, the two had a falling out. Things went downhill from there.

Mr. and Mrs. Davis left the country to celebrate their anniversary. However, before arriving at their destination, the plane crashed in France and there were only few survivors. Unfortunately, not one of the survivors were Mr. or Mrs. Davis. So, the Davis siblings were taken care of by their aunt. After their parents’ death, Marianne transformed herself into a wild child and found partying to be her method of coping. Marlon, on the other hand, tried to help his aunt raise his sister and his coping method was to busy himself with school work. A lot of arguments occurred from a day to day basis between Marianne and Marlon. And before Marlon knew it, his sister was found dead.


Marlon blames himself for his sister’s death. Had he seen the signs, he would’ve been able to stop her from killing herself. However, when the possibility of his sister being murdered was brought up, he quickly acted upon it and was determined to find out the truth. Even if he had to break the law to get it.


  • Good friends with Beatrice Edwards and Elizabeth Dane.
  • Often butts heads with Alexander Harmon.